What are the-portmanteau Points?

the-portmanteau points are a kind of rewards for our registered customers, you need to register and login your account to collect or use the-portmanteau points, you can use your Reward Points for purchases on the-portmanteau at checkout, and the exchange rate from the-portmanteau points to US dollars is as follows.

Accumulated Points Exchange Rate (Points: US Dollars)
>=100 100 : 1

How to Earn the-portmanteau Points?

It’s easy to earn the-portmanteau points as long as you’re a registered customer.

1. Place an order.

Buy $1, get 1 Point, Any order is qualified to get the-portmanteau points.

2. Register.

New user registration can get 500 points.

3. Leave a Review

the-portmanteau points will be rewarded to you if you write a review with no less than 50 characters, 50 points for each review

4. Birthday Points

On your birthday, you will receive an additional 1000 points
You need to fill in the birthday in your personal information.
And birthday points can only be earned once a year

5. Acquire from Promotions.

Some products in our promotions may offer reward points to customers, when you buy this product, the corresponding points will be rewarded to you, and the promotion reward points can be accumulated.

Consumption of the-portmanteau Points?

Spending Points

On the basis of at least 100 the-portmanteau points, you can use the points to balance in our website, the option to use Reward Points, as well as your balance and the monetary equivalent of this balance, will be shown to you in the Payment Method area during checkout.
The redeem rate is as follows.

Accumulated Points Exchange Rate (Points: US Dollars)
>=100 100 : 1

Reward points transfer

Your Rewards Points can be transferred to anyone with an email, the recipient must have or signup for a Customer Account.

Points Expiration

Unless otherwise specified Points will expire after 365 days from the date of earn.

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