PurseBlog asks: Is Louis Vuitton moving forward with its purse change?

Taking a brand that has fallen from grace and making it great again is one of the hardest things to do in fashion, but if I’d trust anyone to pull it off, it would be former Balenciaga frontman Nicolas Ghesquiere. Louis Vuitton apparently agreed with me when they hired Ghesquiere to fill the position vacated by Marc Jacobs after 16 years, and since his arrival in 2013, he has quickly put his own stamp on the iconic line’s bags.

Ghesquiere’s designs have been extremely popular with the fashion crowd, and are arguably the root of the A-line miniskirt trend that’s at the forefront of the ’70s revival that’s currently happening in fashion. Louis Vuitton has also effectively recruited an army of celebrity fashion followers, most of whom are extremely talented in their own fields, beyond simply being good vessels for clothing and accessories. It may seem like a small distinction when aesthetics are the primary concern, but when it comes to marketing a brand as a lifestyle component, it’s extremely important.

Convincing fashionistas and celebrities to get on board is crucial, but Louis Vuitton is a bag brand before anything else, and that means the brand’s biggest critics are accessories consumers. Sales of the brand’s fashion and leather goods rose 18% in the first half of 2015, according to QZ, so it seems many consumers are approving of the myriad of new designs launched under Ghesquiere’s watch, including the Twist Bag and Petite Malle Clutch.

Many of you had critical things to say about Ghesquiere’s biggest bag launch yet, the City Steamer, but Vuitton is a brand that inspires such ardent love and hate in equal measure that it’s hard to use that as an indicator of how it will really go to the bag in the market. I find it a great addition to the LV lineup, but we’ll have to wait and see if it catches on. However, in my opinion, Ghesquiere’s tenure at Vuitton is going as well as company executives could have hoped.

What about you, though? Is your interest in LV bags increasing, decreasing or staying the same as these new designs are released?