PurseBlog asks: If money wasn’t an object, would you spend $60,000 on a bag?

A couple of months ago, we brought you news about Louis Vuitton’s most expensive women’s bag, but the brand has already been easily outshone. An ombre crocodile version of the popular Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag will now set you back $60,500, easily beating out the $55,500 City Steamer.

Although third-party retailers tend to limit their own stock to less than $40,000, brands that have a clientele willing to spend more often stock specialty pieces that exceed that range in their own stores. $60,500 is the highest public listing I’ve ever seen for a brand online: Céline and Chanel, for example, invite buyers to inquire privately for prices on their most expensive items. That’s not the case with Vuitton, which brings us to today’s question.

If you were in a position to buy $60,000 handbags, would you? With that level of wealth, you would have plenty of money to make any charitable contributions you want, support any cause you want, own several beautiful homes, travel frequently; spending would not affect what you can spend. in other areas of your life. It’s more a matter of personal interests and limits: would you like to own a bag like this enough to justify in your own mind the difference in price over the normal leather version?

More information about the bag (which is hand-dyed to achieve a unique palette of colors in each piece) can be obtained from Louis Vuitton.