Prada Trick Keychains

Prada Trick KeychainsPrada Trick Keychains
As you may remember, when we were in Paris we saw the newKeychains Trick Prada, which weren’t fully available in the US at the time, but are everywhere now. So why not feature more of them now for your viewing pleasure? The best part is that there are 6 that I would like to feature, all under $100. Oh yeah, you might be thinking that paying this price for a keychain is crazy, but you don’t want to miss out on the crazy stuff, trust me. These quirky charms are fun and can add a festive touch to a bag, key chain, belt, belt loops, or whatever you like. Be creative! (If you can get super creative, be sure to tell us about how you use your Prada Trick Keychain)

To the keychains. First, let’s start with love and the Prada Heart Trick Keychain. Made of leather with silver details, with the Prada name embossed on the front, the key ring and the clasp, this charm is precious. How about a burning flame? If you’re not so into the loving heart and the burning flame, check out the Flame Trick Keychain. Also made of leather with silver accents and an attached keyring and brooch, this gimmick adds some sparkle and can show off your wild side. Do you feel sick to the bone? The Prada Skull and Crossbones Trick key ring can be adapted to your needs. Remade from leather and silver accents with the attached keyring and clasp, this gimmick is stylish and rugged all in one and can show off your biker side. But if you’re into wings and stuff, how about the Prada Butterfly Trick Keychain for a softer feel? Need I mention that it’s made of the same leather and silver details as the others? I do not think so. And for animal lovers, Prada has not disappointed with its cute Prada Teddy Bear Trick keyring. Made from materials like the latter. Now my favourite, which I already bought and with which I can’t stop playing, the Prada Robot Trick Keychain. We’re past the year 2000 and computers and technology still rule our lives, so I like to show off my tech side with this Robot Trick Keychain. It’s modern and fun, and of course, it’s made with leather and silver details. All of these can be yours for $99 at Smart Bargains.