Prada âCountryâ Leather Crossbody Bag

Prada Country Shoulder HandbagPrada Country Shoulder HandbagOne of the stores that we were drawn to, like the hunter to the prey, was the Prada store inRoyal Streetin front ofPlace de la Madeleineon the #1 fashion strip in Paris. What immediately caught our eye was the colorful new spring 2005 collection, which not only builds on the successful classic black nylon bags they have carried so far, but emerges with vibrant colors and flashy designs.

The bag we immediately fell passionately in love with was theShoulder bag “Country”. The actual bag we saw was not the leather version in orange or red, but a canvas version of the same design, in a darker green. This bag does not appear to be available in the US yet. The hand in the wallet was shaking badly, the bag would have cost 750 euros, the courteous French salesman pointed out an estimated charge of $1,000 on the credit card. The leather version pictured for the US is just over $1,200. My heart still beats like a diesel engine when I think about how beautiful this bag was. What we also noticed was that Prada is trying to be playfully futuristic with keyring-like accessories like mini robots (even as a designer robot bag) and other gizmos dangling from every bag on display in their store. Just like other companies are doing the whole scarf thing, Prada is going its own way.