Love it or leave it: Louis Vuitton Twist MM with braided detail

When I started PurseBlog, I really liked Louis Vuitton. I remember putting my name on the list and securing a few sought after bags, including the Watercolor Speedy (which was only $1,270 when I bought it in 2008!). I didn’t fall in love with Louis Vuitton, I just kind of moved on. I got hooked on Hermès and then went through a huge Céline addiction too. But lately I’ve been back at Louis Vuitton and looking at the Twist.

Like many other popular bags from the brand, the Louis Vuitton Twist comes in a variety of different options. One of the newer versions ofLouis Vuitton Twist MMit caught my eye with the braid work on the bottom corners reminiscent of baseball stitching.

Along with the braid work, the bag features lambskin, Epi leather, the now iconic LV Twist closure and a double strap chain for carry. The dimensions of the MM are 9.1 x 7.1 x 3.1 inches. If you take a closer look at the bag, you can see where the grainy Epi leather meets the smooth Epi leather that is separated by a braid. The interior is lined in microfiber with leather details and features an interior compartment and a flat pocket for a removable mirror.

While I think the next LV bag I’ll buy will be a version of the Twist, I don’t know if this is the Twist bag for me. What do you think, love it or leave it? Buy it through Louis Vuitton for $4,050.