Latest Obsession: The Louis Vuitton Palm Springs PM Backpack

Satisfying a growing interest in monogrammed products and wooing high-end consumers with more expensive and exclusive leather options is a difficult balancing act, and one that Louis Vuitton hasn’t always pulled off perfectly. However, the brand has stepped up its leather game under the creative direction of Nicolas Ghesquiere, and now that monograms are back in style, LV has introduced at least one bag that I bet will capitalize on the most interest: theLouis Vuitton Palm Springs PM backpack.

Taking the ubiquitous LV monogram and making it feel fresh without changing it significantly is a tall order, but it’s something this design achieves. Stripping it of the beige vachetta leather trim that most LV sports monograms goes a long way; Black leather feels luxurious and sporty at the same time, which is a combination that’s huge in seasonal fashion right now and makes the monogram feel current by association. The casual and simple shape of the backpack is also important, and both it and the trim remove the print from its traditional and somewhat stuffy original context. It’s a monogrammed bag that may appeal to consumers who weren’t old enough to buy designer bags the last time monograms were in style.

The bag is part of the brand’s current Cruise 2016 collection, and we’ve already seen it on the arms of Chiara Ferragni and Kylie Jenner, who are exactly the kind of high-profile, young women who can introduce Vuitton to a new crowd. of potential customers. For my part, it’s the only Louis Vuitton bag that has appealed to me in recent memory, as well as the only one I thought might make sense with my personal style. That’s not exactly a small change for someone like me, who doesn’t gravitate towards logos at all.

The bag is also well positioned in Louis Vuitton’s pricing structure for maximum impact: At $1,650, it hits a full luxury price point without being as astronomically unobtainable as the brand’s leather options. Palm Springs is a very smart addition to the brand’s lineup, and I would love for it to be an addition to my wardrobe.

You can pick up this bag through Louis Vuitton for $1,650.