I Want It Wednesday: Celine Classic Box Bag

We love the Celine Classic Box bag, LOVE. It is essentially timeless and elegant. There is not even a need for a long discussion about the bag, because its beauty speaks for itself. A picture of this Celine bag really says more than a thousand words.

One of the main words that comes to mind is: NEED. At first I thought it was a DESIRE, but it’s a NEED. I may talk about structured bags here and there on PurseBlog, but it’s not at the top of my list. In this case, I can make a big exception. Because everything about theClassic Celine bagis perfection

Even more perfection is this exact interpretation of it. LEOPARD. See all the capital letters in this post? Caps lock tends to mean one of two things: anger or excitement. This is total emotion here. Leopard is the animal print that we not only crave but the fashion world is craving right now. Pairing it with black box leather is the perfect blend of subtle and lively. I really can’t even begin to explain to you how much I adore this bag. The only thing stopping me from buying it is the price. I talk about expensive designer handbags all day and have spent a lot on handbags, but when we get above the mid-$2k range, I always tend to spend more time considering the purchase and feel a little uneasy. The price of this glorious Celine bag is $4,050. But that’s $4,050 of perfection. Contact Céline for more information.