History of bags: the Bobby de Dior

Recent years have seen a resurgence in archival designs from major design houses, and while Christian Dior’s most recent release isn’t exactly an archival renaissance per se, it has its roots in the house’s history. The Dior Bobby bag was designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri and released for Fall 2020, and while this design is new to most, its name dates back decades.

Christian Dior opened his first haute couture house in October 1946. The world-renowned designer was 41 years old at the time and had already gained a wealth of knowledge and experience before founding his own house. Mr. Dior had an art gallery as well as training as a costume designer to his credit, and it was those experiences that shaped his culture and refined his tastes and artistic vision. A post-war world saw a great opportunity for Mr. Dior, and the designer was on a mission: to help women rediscover the joy and elegance of dressing well. In February 1947, Dior presented his first collection at 30 avenue Montaigne in Paris.

After just ten years in business, Christian Dior had revolutionized the industry, redefining traditional concepts of elegance and femininity, presenting collections that were a dreamy blend of allure with unrivaled style and quality. In such a short time, Mr. Dior had achieved exactly what he set out to do, quickly becoming synonymous with French luxury and a redefined vision of beauty.

As for the Bobby bag, the design pays homage to Christian Dior himself, named after the designer’s beloved dog, Bobby. The four-legged friend has lent his name to many designs over the years. In fact, in recent years, each collection contained a suit that was reserved to be a major boost for the brand. Each season, that suit was, of course, called The Bobby. Dior himself wrote about this in his memoirs, stating that “each collection contained a suit destined for success called Bobby.”

More than just his name is rooted in history when it comes to the Dior Bobby bag. This new icon of the House, with its soft, curved lines and elegant silhouette, pays homage to Mr. Dior’s original vision when he founded the house of Dior. After all these years, at heart, Dior is about celebrating a liberated and assertive sense of elegance. This highly coveted design is finished with Dior’s initials “CD”, further expressing the contemporary yet timeless essence of the House of Dior.All images courtesy of Dior except where noted.

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Christian Dior and Bobby. Image courtesy of AGIP Bridgeman Images