Celine Asymmetrical Shoulder Bag

Celine Shoulder BagCeline Shoulder BagI have decided that I have a case of OCD. I’m sure we all do to some degree. But I have my ‘stuff’. For example, I have to have my keys ready before I get to my car or house, I have to wash my hands about 800 times when I cook or after riding the submarine, and I am a perfectionist. So the idea of ​​an asymmetrical bag bothers me a bit, I’m lying, quite a bit. TheCeline Asymmetric Shoulder BagIt is designed with mahogany leather and is accented with gold-tone hardware and wood accents on one end of the strap. Yes, just one extreme (OCD kicks in here). The body of the bag is also asymmetrical (OCD alert) which adds a different appeal to the eye. It has a gold zipper closure at the top and this shoulder bag is lined in red fabric. You be the judge, but my OCD and perfectionism mean I don’t love this bag. Buy it through Net-a-porter for $1550.