Bag on Bag Crime: Dior vs. Forever 21

Dior 61 Croc-Stamped ToteForever 21 Stone Quilt Tote

Here at Purse Blog we find many bags every day: expensive, cheap, pretty, ugly. And then sometimes we come across those that are similar to those that we have already found in other places. And, to some extent, you have to let it go. There are so many ways to style a strap or attach a buckle, and when designer bags set so many of the mainstream bag trends, you’ll see similar bags everywhere, and that’s not necessarily the fault of the cheaper brands. . They have to follow the trends their customers want to buy, leaving them with few options. They MAY choose, however, not to copy a mark’s design detail per detail, which is apparently not the choiceAlways 21what the “designers” did when they copied theirStone quilted tote baginch by inch of the beautifulDior 61 tote with crocodile print. We normally ignore copies, but I think this example is a good reminder of why exactly we love designer bags: theDiorThe bag displays such obvious precision and attention to detail, even in these small photos, compared to the cheap copy that the craftsmanship is clear. No one would mistake one for the other, despite Forever 21’s best efforts.