A look at the incredibly coveted Dior Ultra-Matte bags

One of the most sought after combinations of leather and hardware in the bag world is matte black. Every time a design house launches bags with thisall black alltreatment, are picked up instantly, and rightly so. Black will always be the most timeless, and when offered on an already iconic bag, it adds a modern edge that can’t be denied.

Dior Matte Mini Saddle | Diorama Matte

At the time I heard that Dior was introducing their line ofDior Ultra-Matte Bags, I knew these would be amazing staple pieces. When I saw them in person, that only solidified my feelings. This season, a selection of House icons have been refreshed with ultra-matte black hardware along with a matte leather treatment.

Dior Matte Mini Saddle

Seen as a highly desirable hardware finish, matte black pairs perfectly with the House’s staples, including Saddle, Diorama and Lady Dior. Every aspect of the bag received the Ultra-Matte treatment, including the stitching, leather, interior, and hardware. The extensive application of matte black results in an incredibly timeless and classic, yet still modern touch.

The Ultra-Matte treatment is also available in white on a range of bags and accessories, and while I’d love to be able to pull it off, a white bag just isn’t feasible for my lifestyle, let alone a white bag with white hardware. . However, Ultra-Matte White bags are incredibly stylish and there is the right person out there for them, and if you are reading this, you should pick one of those bags. Each bag offered in this new treatment is already timeless, and now it stands out even more. You can find out more about the new DIOR Ultra-Matte at Dior.com.

Lady Dior matte

Lady Dior Matte | Diorama Matte

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