Throwback Thursday: Celebs and Their Celine Luggage Bags

With almost no introduction required, the Celine Luggage Bag is arguably one of the most recognizable bags in modern bag history. The bag launched in 2010 under the direction of beloved former designer Phoebe Philo. While it wasn’t immediately clear that the bag would become an industry icon, it wasn’t long before the luggage bag became highly sought after.

The bag received just the right amount of exposure, and as you’ll see below, it became highly coveted and beloved by celebrities and bag lovers alike. Soon, Celine’s luggage bags were almost impossible to find and disappeared from online retailers and store shelves. At the height of its popularity, the luggage bag racked up long waiting lists at stores and boutiques.

It’s no surprise how many celebrities were (and are!) fans of Philo-era luggage bags. Given the many options on offer, from sizes and colors to leathers and mixed-media versions, Celine has created a luggage bag that’s perfect for just about every bag lover. While the luggage bag is still in production to this day, we chose to focus on the celebrities who carried this bag in its heyday, and the photos below span the 4 years since this bag’s debut.

Nicole Richie (2011) – Celine Two-Tone Luggage Bag

Carrie Mulligan (2011) – Celine Leather and Suede Luggage Tote Bag

Kourtney Kardashian (2011) – Celine’s Luggage Bag

Naomi Campbell (2011) – Celine Luggage Bag ($3,000)

Celine Dion (2012) – Celine’s Ghost Luggage Bag ($1,295)

Emma Roberts (2012) – Celine Nano Luggage Bag ($2,700)

Kate Upton (2012) – Celine Zebra Duffle Luggage Bag ($2,950)

Rihanna (2012) – Celine Nano Luggage Bag ($2,700)

Miranda Kerr (2012) – Celine’s Luggage Bag

Bethenny Frankel (2013) – Celine’s Luggage Bag ($1,455)

Kyle Richards (2013) – Celine Nano Luggage Bag ($2,700)

Rachel Roy (2013) – Celine’s Luggage Bag

Mischa Barton (2013) – Celine Two-Tone Luggage Bag

Lindsay Lohan (2013) – Celine’s Luggage Bag

Shay Mitchell (2014) – Celine Tricolor Suede and Leather Luggage Tote Bag ($895)