This bag is the most expensive leather bag in the history of Louis Vuitton

During my most recent perusal of Louis Vuitton news on the brand’s website, I came across something that surprised even me: a crocodile version of Louis Vuitton’s beautiful new City Steamer bag, priced at mind blowing sale of $55,500. I have a couple of questions, including why couldn’t they just drop the $500 and turn it into a nice round number?

My other major question was whether or not this is the most expensive Louis Vuitton bag of all time and according to my research, it is not. The Richest has two special-edition Louis Vuitton minaudieres priced at more than $100,000 each, but neither were made with traditional bag materials, so it looks like a trap. When you narrow the list down to regular bags, the most expensive representative I can find on record is the Dora PM in crocodile, which is close (but not pure) at $50,000 currently; the most expensive previous version of the bag was $54,500. This bag, in my humble opinion, is much more beautiful than that.

With that in mind, I feel comfortable declaring this bag to be the brand’s most expensive leather offering of all time, and for the world’s most powerful luxury brand, it’s worth noting. Louis Vuitton has been ramping up its exotic and leather offerings for years in an effort to charm the world’s wealthiest shoppers, and it seems clear that this model is destined to compete head-on with the ultra-rare and ultra-expensive exotic versions of the Hermès. birkin. Someone had to take over that iconic bag eventually, and there is perhaps no one more qualified than Nicolas Ghesquiere at Louis Vuitton.

Check out the bag for yourself at Louis Vuitton; to buy, you will have to make your people call their people.