The Celine Tote Bag Is Getting The Woven Treatment For Fall

Until I came across this photo of aCeline Woven Tote Bagon’s Fall 2013 Accessories List, it never occurred to me thatCelineDespite all the different iterations of the famous luggage bag that have been produced during the bag’s short lifespan, she has never gotten particularly adventurous. One season brought us a pair of neon shades, produced in small numbers that sold out immediately, and another brought us a Nano with a shearling panel. Beyond that, though, we’ve seen a pretty standard lineup of solid, blocked colors and textures. It’s probably due in no small part to Celine’s penchant for what’s often referred to as the “new minimalism,” but this photo indicates that things might be about to expand in the world of the luggage bag.

This photo appears to show the back of the bag, based on my own experience with the Celine luggage bag: not only does it not have a front pocket or logo, but the tab at the top of the bag appears on the panel back of normal bag. Luggage bags. doesn’t seem to have a picture of the front panel. (Unless, of course, Celine is running some kind of fun business and this IS her front. I wouldn’t be surprised Phoebe Philo of the leather shoes.)

If this bag means a new willingness to play the winning luggage bag forum, then I’m interested to see what comes next. However, Celine’s aesthetic can be a bit limiting on the bag front: things like studs, embroidery, or crystals wouldn’t fit at all. Even this simple tricolor woven leather feels a bit rococo in the context of the bag. What do you think? Are you excited to see what’s to come from a bag you’ve already seen in virtually every color?

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