Prada Sport leather pocket bag

Prada Sport Fur Pocket BagPrada Sport Fur Pocket BagWhen you think ofPrada, you probably don’t think it’s sportswear. I never did until the first day I walked into my new private school as a kid and saw that the kids’ gym shoes were Prada shoes. I had my trusty Nikes on and was a bit confused as to what I had been missing. Also, I never realized that Jansport backpacks weren’t the norm either – try Prada and LV messenger bags. As you can imagine, I felt a bit left out at the time. But now that I’m much older and have learned about fashion, I’ve chosen to never feel left out again. I really believe inPrada Sport Leather bag with pocketIt would make me fit in perfectly well wherever I go.

As soon as I saw this trendy little number from the Prada Sport line I fell in love. I know I may still be a kid at heart, but the eskimo pattern is so cute! Made of orange nylon, silver mesh, and faux leather (with the Eskimo pattern), the bag is simply stylish. There are removable gray fabric shoulder straps with seatbelt buckles that add a fun and unique touch to the bag. And of course, as the name says, there are zippered side pockets. Where I am a little puzzled is the price. Yes, you’re Prada, but give me a break! Those materials aren’t anything you can’t find at your local craft store, but with the Prada name you can’t expect this bag to cost more than $650 (via Neiman Marcus).