Prada Nylon Passamentry Tote

Prada Nylon Passamentry ToteWhile I’m on vacation in Europe, my family has no power in South Florida after Hurricane Katrina. I’m sure they’re okay, but I feel a little bad, even though none of that is in my power. So I woke up a little worried/upset with the news of the Hurricane (although it was a minor storm it has already killed 4 people and left 1 million without power), and I decided to write about a bag that fits my condition. upset mood . This is an apology in advance if I hit this bag too hard; after all, I have a few other things on my mind.

So I came across thisPrada Nylon Passamentry Tote. Saks, where it’s sold, doesn’t offer much information on the bag, but I’d like to try some of what they left out. The bag has a zipper at the top and measures 12¼”H X 12¼”L X 2¾”W. Simple enough. But now for the interesting part for me. The focal point of the bag is the grommets that surround it. the trimming details. Can anyone enlighten me on what the passage details are? I’m not really sure. The passage details look to me like they’re in the shape of a cross. Hmm. Better yet, the grommets are placed on nylon. I know that Prada makes quite a few nylon bags (I own a few), but with a name like that it’s time not to call your nylon bag a runway look.Because this bag is “straight off the runway,” the price tag also adds a “hint” fee. Thisnylonbag is $1265 through Saks. Now, I didn’t really call the bag ugly, it’s just not my style. Sure which is not my style with the price and knowing that most of the bag is made of nylon.Even I am not that to Too soon to be fooled into buying a nylon bag for $1300. What do you all think? Am I seriously wrong on the price/overall look of the bag? (Yes I am, we blame it on my bad mood!! 🙂 )