Prada leather envelope bag

Prada Leather Envelope Bag

You know something that really annoys me… when a store advertises a bag a certain way, and then you realize there are multiple parts you have to buy to make it look that way. I know it’s about presentation. But even online? You mean to tell me online they do that too? Well they do. I ran into thisPrada leather envelope bagand I thought it was very tastefully done. But read the specs a little further to see that the butterfly gimmick is sold separately. Isn’t that false advertising? (Ok, it’s not, since they mention it’s sold separately, but still the picture really gave me a lot of hope) The rest of the bag is actually really cute. It’s made of golden leather, with a removable silver chain strap and silver metallic pieces. The dimensions of this little one are 5″H x 7 4/5″W. The leather bag is quite reasonably priced for Prada, at $334 via Neiman Marcus, and the butterfly gimmick (which adds such a beautiful touch to the bag) is of course a whopping $138 as well via Neiman Marcus.