Prada becomes sustainable with the Re-Nylon collection

If you like Prada nylon, Prada thinks you’ll really like his new Re-Nylon. Intent on tackling fashion’s colossal impact on the environment and climate change, Re-Nylon is Prada’s latest effort. Designed by Miuccia Prada, the Re-Nylon collection was created using exclusively recycled nylon, an eco-friendly twist on the house’s signature material.

The house recently completed itsRe-Nylon pop-up store in Selfridges, London, offering eco-friendly versions of their classic nylon bags.

Prada Re-Nylon Collection Sustainable bags

Photo courtesy of Prada.

The collection is part ofSelfridges’ Project Earth scheme, launched by the UK retailer to help introduce exciting new sustainability initiatives. Prada’s new offerings aim to raise awareness of the fashion industry’s role in plastic pollution.

Photo courtesy of Selfridges & Company

In a statement on the launch of the London pop-up, Prada described her ‘Re-Nylon’ material as “a bold move towards full sustainability.” As such, the project is just one part of the brand’s ultimate goal of converting all of Prada’s virgin nylon to regenerated nylon by the end of 2021.

The new reclaimed material is made from nylon material recycled from plastic found on land and in the sea. Tthrough a process of depolymerization and repolymerization it can be recycled indefinitely. In addition, it is more durable than the original material.

Nylon is undoubtedly an emblem of the Prada brand. The house controversially introduced the material in 1984 with the launch of the now-iconic Prada Nylon backpack. At the time, fashion critics and consumers alike were unimpressed. The material eventually gained popularity in the 1990s. In fact, it practically became “the” fashion accessory for every supermodel or supermodel!

Since then, nylon has been used in some of Prada’s most celebrated designs. The Multi Pochette, and its popular 2005 reissue released last year, took the fashion world by storm. Therefore, creating a recycled version of the material is an important step in helping to relaunch Prada as a sustainability-conscious house.

Prada's Re-Nylon Collection sustainable bags

Photo courtesy of Hans Feurer / Vogue.

Prada Re-Nylon Collection

Photo courtesy of @josipellicano

In his statement, Prada explained that its brand identity was challenging convention and creating a new form of luxury. “This project is an evolution of a fundamental Prada code, a reinvention of heritage.”

Prada is not alone in its effort to make its practices more sustainable. Other luxury fashion houses have also expressed a desire to make their practices more eco-friendly. Chanel, for example, launched Mission 1.5°C, which aims to reduce the brand’s carbon emissions.

(Read: Chanel Launches $35 Million Initiative to Bring Solar Power to Low-Income Californians)

Additionally, high street retailers such as H&M have introduced garment recycling machines in stores. However, Prada will launch a sustainable version of its flagship material without a doubtIt stands out among other efforts by fashion brands. In its statement, the Italian fashion house articulated the importance of its new recycled nylon, “A revolutionary new material, a radical new proposal, to reinvent our past.”

All designs in the collection feature the new Prada Re-Nylon logo, a triangle-shaped arrow to emphasize the sustainability of all products.

The collection is currently available

Let’s take a look at bags

From beloved classics to newer, quirkier pieces, the Prada Re-Nylon Collection has it all. Priced slightly higher than the original designs, the bags in this collection are all black and ooze functionality and sustainability. What will be your favourite?

Prada's sustainable collection


Prada Re Nylon Backpack

The bag that started it all: Prada’s nylon backpack has become synonymous with the brand since its launch in 1984. In addition to all the bag’s classic features, this new release includes a removable cosmetic case, also in recycled nylon.(obviously).

Multipurpose wallet

Prada’s 2005 Re-edition Multi Pochette bag has become one of the undisputed ‘It’ bags of 2020. If you want to buy into the popular multi-bag trend but, like many consumers today, are increasingly concerned with the damage of fashion to the environment, then this is the bag for you.


This done sustainablyThe 2005 reissue of the Bauletto bag combines the bold appeal of the multi-bag trend with the elegance of the classic cylindrical shape to create an effortlessly chic look.

Shoulder bag

Prada Re-Nylon Collection sustainable bags

Both durable and functional, the recycled nylon is a perfect fit for Prada’s classic shoulder bag originally launched in 2000.

Mini pocket

Prada Re-Nylon Collection sustainable bags

When it comes to fashion’s sustainability efforts, everything helps! That’s why Prada has included a recycled nylon version of its Mini Pochette in the Re-Nylon collection.

Fanny pack

Photo courtesy of Selfridges & Company

One of several fanny pack styles in the collection, this roomy piece features a large compartment and is ideal for sustainable, hands-free styling.

Belt with bag

Photo courtesy of Selfridges & Company

If you’re looking for something a little smaller to wear around your waist, you might like Prada’s belt with a stylish detachable pouch. Both are made from recycled nylon.

Mini shoulder bag

Prada Re-Nylon Cross Body Bag

Photo courtesy of Selfridges & Company

A lot of designers have experimented with the mini crossbody bag style andMiuccia Prada is no exception. The designer has made it assume the compact and environmentally friendly style.

mini container & Trick

Similar to Louis Vuitton party bracelets(Read:Louis Vuitton’s new portable bags with “party bracelet”), Prada’s re-nylon laptop bags are cute and compact.

Shopping bag

Prada Re-Nylon Shopping Bag

Medium Prada Re-Nylon shopping bag.

Prada Re-Nylon Collection Sustainable fashion

Large Prada Re-Nylon shopping bag.

Few bags are as practical as a shopping bag. With Prada’s Re-Nylon version you can also be practical about the state of the environment! The collection includes medium and large sizes.

Which sustainable style is your favourite? Let us know.

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