Louis Vuitton’s spring 2016 ad stars a Final Fantasy character, Jaden Smith, and tons of bags

Louis Vuitton is the most powerful luxury brand in the world, so of course its ad campaigns are always season-leading blockbusters. This year, the brand, led by Nicolas Ghesquiere, made several unconventional decisions to showcase its Spring 2016 runway collection.

The most prominent face in the campaign is Lightning, a pink-haired hero in the popular Final Fantasy video game series. According toWomen’s clothing for day to day, Vuitton’s spring collection was inspired by Japanese anime and included a model that looked a lot like the pink-haired Lightning, so the choice might not be traditional, but it’s not entirely out of place.

What was even more unexpected than a fictional video game hero, however, was Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada. He appears in ads with pieces from the women’s collection and, frankly, he looks great. The industry as a whole has had a keen interest in androgyny in recent years, from Kanye West donning Céline’s women’s silk tops to Pantone fusing shades of blue and pink for a 2016 Color of the Year that challenged the binary of gender. It was only a matter of time until a male-identified celebrity appeared in a woman’s campaign, and Jaden and Vuitton pulled off the crossover just fine.

Beyond the people (and characters) in the ads, there are also plenty of gorgeous bags to feast your eyes on from Vuitton’s Spring 2016 runway. Take a look below; the collection is not yet available to buy, but when it is, we will provide you with all the information.

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