Louis Vuitton Unveils New Monogram Eclipse Print at Fall 2016 Men’s Show

Louis Vuitton is in an interesting place right now. Even though the brand has long wanted to put more emphasis on its leather goods and divert some attention away from its iconic monogram and Damier canvases, monograms are gaining popularity and now it has to find a way to fuel its business. Leather. and capitalize on a conflicting trend in which it already fits perfectly.

Overall, Vuitton is doing a great job of finding new ways to use its monogram, and one of them is with new, slightly more subtle versions, like the Monogram Eclipse that debuted at the men’s fall 2016 show. brand in Paris. The grayscale version was developed under the supervision of men’s creative director Kim Jones, and provides a sporty, muted option for those who don’t like traditional brown.

The collection also included navy blue and olive green leather, plus some new bag shapes; one of particular interest reminds me very much of a luxury leather version of the canvas messengers that Manhattan bike messengers frequently wear. You can see all the accessories of the program below.

[Photos via Vogue Runway]

Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-1 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-2 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-3 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-4 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-5 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-6 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-7 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-8 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-9 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-10 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-11 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-12 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-13 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-14 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-15 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-16 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-17 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-18 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-19 Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Fall-2016-Bags-20