Kourtney Kardashian Wears Celine Knot Tote Bag

Here it isKourtney Kardashian, arriving at LAX to catch a flight with her boyfriend Scott Disick. Kourtney wears theCeline Knot Tote Bag. There was healthy speculation that this bag would be Celine’s third consecutive big hit, right behind the luggage bag and trapeze bag, but the Knot bag simply hasn’t caught on with the designer bag-loving masses like any of its predecessors. . However, based on this photo, it seems to hold up quite a bit and is probably a very good bag choice for air travel. (Plus, it looks less like a picnic basket when it’s not very full.)

The Kardashians are a particularly Celine-crazy bunch, so it’s no surprise that the Celine Knot Tote isn’t Kourtney’s only tote from the brand; she also owns a baby blue Celine Trio Bag and a much-loved snakeskin luggage bag. Her sister Khloe owns numerous Celine handbags, including Phantom handbags in several different color combinations. You can see them all in “The Many Bags of Khloe Kardashian”. Kourtney doesn’t have her own edit of “Many Bags” yet, but she’s definitely one of her next on deck.

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