For spring 2017, Louis Vuitton took its men’s bags on a fantastical storybook safari.

For most big brands, men’s bags are an afterthought. If a purse or bag design works well in the women’s line, it’s simplified, broadened, and made more neutral to appeal to men, and that’s as far as most brands go when it comes to innovative designs for their bags. male fans. It probably sounds boring, and it is. Fortunately, Louis Vuitton puts more attention and detail into its men’s bags than most other top designer brands combined, and it really showed on the Spring 2017 runway in Paris today.

The bags had a safari feel, but thankfully without the overdose of khaki and olive shades that are so often used when that theme is invoked. Instead, the collection’s main color story was blue, which made the whole thing feel like a highly stylized storybook adventure. That sentiment was bolstered by the superbly detailed illustrations of animals that adorned several of the bags, as well as animal prints on many others. Don’t let those bold bags distract you from some of the collection’s more sedate woven pieces, though, which are just as gorgeous and a bit more subtle.

Take a look at all the bags from the show below.

[Photos via Vogue Runway]

Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-1 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-2 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-3 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-5 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-6 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-7 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-8 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-9 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-10 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-11 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-12 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-13 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-14 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-15 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-16 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-17 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-18 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-19 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-20 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-21 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-22 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-23 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-24 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-25 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-26 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-27 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-28 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-29 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-30 Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2017-Mens-Bags-31