Céline’s fall 2015 runway bags are the brand’s most portable in recent memory

Although bags are undoubtedly central to Céline’s growth, profitability, and rise to the top of the fashion industry’s prestige market, the brand tends not to overemphasize its bags on the runway in favor of core clothing. and some other seasonal accessories. That means handbags on the runway are usually rare, but for fall 2015, they were progressively less rare.

The show featured only one portfolio of bags, mainly divided into two categories: colorful, minimalist hobos, and wearable vests. The vests were the concept note we’ve grown accustomed to, though they felt more functional than most of Céline’s runway bags in recent seasons, even if they’re out of the realm of interest for most bag shoppers. The bums, on the other hand, felt hip and down-to-earth; They probably aren’t what’s going to inspire the baggage masses, but lovers of Céline clothing are sure to pick them up.

We’ll have to wait until the fall 2015 lookbooks make their debut to see what else Céline has in store, bag-wise, for the second half of this year.

<[Photos via Vogue.co.uk]Celine-Fall-2015-Bags-1 Celine-Fall-2015-Bags-2 Celine-Fall-2015-Bags-3 Celine-Fall-2015-Bags-4 Celine-Fall-2015-Bags-5 Celine-Fall-2015-Bags-6 Celine-Fall-2015-Bags-7 Celine-Fall-2015-Bags-8 Celine-Fall-2015-Bags-9