Celine will launch her first fragrance collection with Hedi Slimane

Since Hedi Slimane came on board as Celine’s new creative director a year and a half ago, there have been many changes. Fans were promised expansion along with a new vision for the band, and now we hear about Slimane’s latest adventure for Celine: fragrance. Almost every major designer offers one or two scents, and fragrance is an important part of a brand’s DNA. A scent is said to evoke a certain feeling, memory, time or place, and to a designer, it often represents everything a brand stands for. Slimane has worked to carefully create and curate a new vision for Celine, and his latest project was no different. For Fall/Winter 19/20, Slimane created a family of 11 scents. Each scent embodies the Parisian spirit, but none makes a distinction or separation between traditional feminine or masculine notes.

Slimane has questioned societal gender norms for more than 20 years, so his approach to creating these 11 scents comes as no surprise. The perfumes combine the traditional art of French perfumery with the classic design of French glasswork. The rectangular glass bottle is elegant and refined and houses aromas that, at its core, are created with classic notes of French perfumery from the 1960s and 1970s. These notes include iris, tree moss, and rose. 8 aromas are designed for the day, while 3 are oriented to the hours of the night. The fragrances are expected to hit Celine boutiques starting in late October.

[images via Celine]