Spice things up this holiday season with a sexy advent calendar

Advent calendars are a traditional way of counting down to Christmas, with each passing day marked by the opening of a small door to reveal a tasty treat or beautiful illustration. However, in recent years, people have gotten a little more creative with the content of their advent calendars, which includes everything from decorations and candles to beauty products and even sex toys. This may not be the first idea that comes to mind for Christmas, but it sure has become a hit.

These calendars are filled with all kinds of naughty goodies, from vibrators and massagers to gels andsexy lingerie. If you want to add an extra touch to your winter holidays this year, then a sex toy advent calendar might be just the thing for you!

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up some of the best sex toy advent calendars for Christmas 2022. Read on and discover the perfect option for your needs.

5 Sex Toy Advent Calendars for Fun in the 2022 Holiday Season

Satisfyer Advent Calendar 2022 — Deluxe

The Satisfyer Advent Calendar — Deluxe is the perfect way to count down Christmas with your partner. This deluxe edition calendar comes with 24 days of fun and delight, with a different naughty treat each day.

Within the calendar, you will find a mix of Satisfyer products that you can learn aboutstylish adult online storesites including the Satisfyer Pro 2. An incredible clitoral stimulator that you or your loved one can easily control through a specialized app.

Other highlights include the Satisfyer masturbator egg. A compact solution that can help you meet your needs on the go, fantastic pieces of lingerie, bondage items and even somemassage oils.

These and more are wrapped up in a beautifully designed box that will be the perfect addition to your bedroom décor. The price is also quite reasonable: £89.99.

Sinful Original Advent Calendar

The Sinful Original Advent Calendar is a great choice for couples who want some extra excitement for their sex life this Christmas. This naughty calendar includes 24 different sexual surprises, like a bullet vibrator, bondage gear, and even some buzzing toys.

If you are afraid that you will not be able to use all the toys, don’t worry. The calendar has a detailed guide that should get you started with the different products.

The Original Sinful Advent Calendar is available at the affordable price of £89.99. This means you won’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy all these naughty treats.

Lovehoney X Womanizer 12 Days of Play Sex Toy Advent Calendar

The Lovehoney X Womanizer 12 Day Play Sex Toy Advent Calendar is the sexiest way to celebrate Christmas as a woman. Unlike the sex toy advent calendars mentioned above, this one comes with only 12 days of surprises, but it’s definitely worth the price.

The calendar includes a wide range of naughty treats, from Womanizer Starlet 3 clit suckers and sex dice toanal beadsand blindfolds. Although the calendar is designed for women, couples can easily enjoy it.

The only downside to the Lovehoney X Womanizer 12 Days of Play sex toy advent calendar is its price: £95.00. However, it is still a lot, given the quality and quantity of products. 

Addicta Mirror by KOKET

Lovehoney X Womanizer Sex Toys for Couples Advent Calendar

Although made by the same company, the Lovehoney X Womanizer calendar is quite different from the one mentioned above. Perhaps the most significant change is the target audience. This one is designed for couples and as such offers 24 gates to explore with your beloved partner.

This calendar doesn’t mince words about the sexual items it contains. Inside, you’ll find everything from butt plugs and nipple clamps to blindfolds. However, the most notable product included is the Womanizer Liberty clitoral sucker. This is a premium gadget that will help you reach new levels of pleasure.

The biggest problem with the Lovehoney X Womanizer Sex Toys for Couples Advent Calendar is, once again, its price. At £140 this calendar may be too expensive for some people.

EIS Deluxe Erotic Advent Calendar for Singles and Couples

Made by the German company EIS, this erotic advent calendar is the most affordable option on our list. Priced at around £67, it contains all the basics you need to enjoy a naughty Christmas alone or with your partner.

The EIS calendar includes various sexual toiletries and erotic accessories, such as lingerie,BDSM Accessories, or gels for orgasm. You’ll also get sex toys, including a dildo and the famous Satisfyer Pro 2 clitoral stimulator.

With 24 doors and a comparatively low price, this advent calendar is perfect for naughty couples on a budget.


As you can see, there is no shortage of sex toy advent calendars on the market. No matter your budget or preferences, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect sex toys for Christmas.

Each of the aforementioned calendars comes with a wide range of naughty treats that will liven up your Christmas. All you need is to choose the most suitable option, which will probably depend on the price and quality of your products. I mean, what’s better than sex toys for Christmas?

Hopefully our guide will help you find the perfect calendar for your needs and allow you to experience the sexiest Christmas of your life! Good luck!

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